Making Maki Sushi

Making Maki sushi is simple. In this blog , we will try to list down the recipes on how to make delicious Maki Sushi.

Maki Sushi


Sticky rice, a sheet of edible seaweed, your choice of fish and/or veggies.

1. Place The Base

Place the sheet of seaweed down on the bamboo with the roughest side of the seaweed facing up. Make sure that no pieces of seaweed are off the mat.


2. Spread The Rice

Get your hands wet while working with the sticky rice and turn a handful of the rice into a ball. Next place the ball of sushi onto the seaweed gently and spread the rice evenly across the seaweed. Be sure to keep the seaweed as dry as possible.

3. Add The Fish

Now you can place a slice of fish or veggie lengthwise along one side, don't place more than one to two pieces of fish as you don't want you sushi rolls to be too thick.

4. Roll The Sushi

Now grab the bamboo mat on the side with the fish and begin rolling. Keep a tight grip, you might need hold the fish in place at the start. As you go along you will need to stop rolling with the bamboo and start rolling with only your hands, just remember to keep a tight grip on all sides of the roll.

5. Cut The Sushi

Now cut the sushi roll in pieces using a sharp and wet knife. You can cut it into 5-6 pieces or more or less depending on what size you want!